The dark knight rises

The dark knight rises is the quote of the week.
Yes, because with his mask Fernando Torres really seems a knight or, as Istangram teaches, Fernando Torres without the mask is a cat; but now he is a lion.
He went to score two goals in the Europa League against Rubin Kazan.
The match ended for 3 to 1 for the Blues ( the other goal for Chelsea was by Moses; for Rubin Kazan by penalty after John Terry’s handball).
In the last three weeks something chanced in him.
He was more confident during training sessions, maybe because with the most of his team mates away with nationals team he was the point of reference.
But also when he wasn’t the footballer but only the boy he was more happy.
In the last weeks he stops to look gloomy ( as I told him the morning before the match against Bucarest).
After months his eyes are sparkling.
And finally, for once, he doesn’t care about what newspapers say about him.
Yes, because every day, Fernando Torres captures the headlines.
If he is in Milan, it is because next year he could move to AC Milan… No, it is only because is the best place for this kind of mask to protect the fractured nose.
If his hairstylist writes on Twitter ” I’m sorry but I have to cut off this colour from Fernando hair” , in few minutes the news is around the world and the most important thing is no more the next match but what will be the new Torres’ hair colour.
Unfortunately was only a twit posted after the Adidas campaign: ” It’s Blue, what else matters?” about the Chelsea Kit for the next season.
For this campaign some footballlers as Ba, Oscar, David Luiz, Eden Hazard, John Terry, Juan Mata and precisely Fernando Torres were immersed in tanks of blue paint.
“In football it is usual that people criticize you only for your looks. Then they start to say, ‘Look at him, he only cares about his hair’.This is unfair.” … It was 2004 but some things never change.
Difficult to say whether the presence of Fernando Torres and the absence of Frank Lampard in the photo shoot for the upcoming season can be a subliminal message from Abramovich.
What I know for sure is that Fernando Torres wants to stay at Chelsea because, even after several showers, even though to the naked eye that blue is no longer visible, it is soaked in his own skin.
And I don’t know if the Niño of Spain, who captivated thousands of football fans in the world, could come back again.
But what I know is that, as himself once said, “You know, there’s one thing I’ve never done in my life. And I swear that I have no intention to do now: giving up.”
What continues to amaze me? The unconditional love that people continue to demonstrate towards the star that didn’t meet their expectations.
What amaze me most? The children love.
Every time they wait outside the stadium or the training ground and they are really upset if he doesn’t stop or if he doesn’t show up.
I started talking about “The dark knight rises” and I would like say goodbye with a quote from this movie.
” We were in this together, then you were gone.”
“The Batman wasn’t needed anymore. We won.”
“And now there’s evil rising from where we tried to bury it. The Batman has to come back.”
“What if he doesn’t exist anymore?”
“He must… He must…He must exist somewhere and he must come back…”




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